Airbnb, a good website


I’ve chosen airbnb for my analysis of a good website because is the one lots of people use as an example of good UX/UI. We are often ask to look at their search bar, their menu or their layout.

Airbnb operates as a peer to peer marketplace where people share private spaces around the world for short term rentals. There rooms are affordable, memorable and very often unusual

Airbnb is very easy to use, with one glance to the webpage you can find anything you need. to book a room the search bar is visible at all times, which make it very easy to give it a try. Even if you are not planing to book something right now and you are only taking a look, the search will always show you very good deals by default and this could encourage you to book just in case is gone soon.

By making profiles compulsory Airbnb can also make the booking process completely painless, no address or phone number or personal details are required, the user simply enters their payment information and they are done. It’s a one step process.

A little detail that I personally find really good is the fact that it uses images when you are loading a page instead of the usual icon, which makes you being entertain when the page is loading.

What I would like to talk about as well is the new feature that Airbnb has introduced recently: the experiences.

I think that was a brilliant move.

A few years ago when I wanted to travel really cheap but you also wanted to have the closest experience of leaving in a place like a local I would use CouchSurfing. This way you could stay with someone who knows a few secrets about the city and hopefully he/she will show you around, and who knows! maybe you even make a new friend for life.

Airbnb is trying to give you the same experience that you would have with CouchSurfing but you can choose exactly what to do and of course you have to pay for it. Any member of the Airbnb community can host an experience and that’s what it makes them unik. there won’t be 2 that are exactly the same and since they are organised by locals it will be quite close to what a local would do.

The experiences are displayed in the home page and are classified by topic, so if you want a music experience you can go to the music section and you will probably find exactly what you are looking for.

In the following images you can see the standars to host an experience.




It is also important to notice how Airbnb uses very high quality images not only in the experiences but also in the majority of private houses.Their design and layout reflects the importance that Airbnb places on images. They even offer free professional photography to all of its hosts to keep a consistent high level of imagery throughout the site.These images meet the needs of their target audience perfectly. People who love to travel are easily inspired by beautiful pictures of potential destinations.

Airbnb have also invested in creating Airbnb neighbourhoods which is a digital neighbourhood guide which promises high quality content coupled with advice from hosts.




UX analysis of my App


The app is build so it’s easy to use. The idea is that the user doesn’t need more than two “cicks”to get to any feature.thay way they won’t feel frustrated when they want to do something fast.

Another thing to consider is that the user will generally be outdoors when using the App since it’s a game in which you have to walk to achieve the goals.

Sometimes they will be looking at it for a second,(when they get a notification) but some other times they will be constantly using it to follow the indications and hints. In this last case it is important to think about security, first of all, because if I would make a complicated app, the users would be walking around trayin to figure out how to use it instead of actually enjoying it plus it could cost accidents.

The menu on the bottom of the app has all the features that this one offers: home,map, my profile and hall of fame. I decided to place them there so with one glance the user can already see the button he/she needs to complete their task.

I made the decision of making “home”  the  nearby places because I believe that that is the first thing that the user would like to see. My first idea was to place the map in the home page, but then I realised that an image is more powerful than a dot on the map, and since this are already photos of nearby places  the user knows that they are close by and can decide what to visit. If the map is what they want to see there is two options in the screen to access it. You could use the menu on the bottom or the map icon in each photo.


Quick introduction to “CURIOUS”


“Do you ever feel like there are places in your city that you are missing out on? Do you ever wish to meet locals when traveling, so you find the hidden places in the city? With this App you will be able to find all those nice little things in the cities that you would miss otherwise. You will be given  photos of places and your distance to them and be challenge to find them!”

Sometimes I am walking on the street and I see something nice that I have never seen before, even though I pass by the area almost every day and I wonder if this also happen to other people.

That’s how this idea was born. There is lot’s of Apps that show you important places in the city, but what about those little things that we would most likely miss unless someone tell us they are there?

I also though It would be nice to make a game. To be able to “collect ” places.  My intention with this was to encourage people to go out there and find more things, maybe just for the sake of getting more points.

This app checks your location and shows you the cool spots around you, You can follow the map and de hints to get to them and once you are there the spots will be added to your achievements gallery.

I hope all of this sound good to you!

If you want to know more  visit this link

UX/UI: The Toothbrush Situation

I live in a house with 5 people, often foreigners who come to Ireland for short periods like 3 months or half a year. this is usually very nice since we get to know people from all over the world and some of them even became friends for life. Of course there are little details that are not great about people moving in and out. One of those things is that when people move out they always leave something behind and, while I have very nice second hand clothes as a result, there is always one thing they leave and nobody will ever use again: the toothbrush.why would they? it’s been used for a few months and there is always the thought “I will leave it until tomorrow so I can brush my teeth before I go” they never do.

So that was happening at my place.At some point there was 10 toothbrushes of all colors and shapes in our two little customize jars in the bathroom. You are probably thinking “well, why didn’t you throw it away yourself?” Not that easy. I don’t usually see people brush their teeth and I won’t take the risk of throwing a random toothbrush away leaving someone sad and with dirty teeth for the day. You are probably thinking”well, why don’t you just ask?” not that easy. Communication between 5 people is complicated, we all have different schedules and we are never all together. Asking about toothbrushes in a whatsapp group doesn’t work, nobody thinks it is important enough to answer!


One day I was bored, browsing through “Wish”( an app that makes you feel you need the things they have just because they are extremely cheap) when I saw it: The Solution. It was just perfect. a toothbrush holder for 5 people. The way it is design makes a lot of sense. there is 5 holes and a “lid” on top of them. this solves a few problems at once. first of all I just had to leave it in the bathroom and the toothbrushes that were currently being used will eventually hang in there (since is was so much cooler). Also using it will avoid all kind of contact between the toothbrushes, which is more hygienic, plus the lid will prevent anything that could be in the air to touch the toothbrush.Another good thing about it is that you can hang it anywhere, saving the space in the sink for other utilities.

So, after two months waiting for it to arrive… our little problem was solved!