Airbnb, a good website


I’ve chosen airbnb for my analysis of a good website because is the one lots of people use as an example of good UX/UI. We are often ask to look at their search bar, their menu or their layout.

Airbnb operates as a peer to peer marketplace where people share private spaces around the world for short term rentals. There rooms are affordable, memorable and very often unusual

Airbnb is very easy to use, with one glance to the webpage you can find anything you need. to book a room the search bar is visible at all times, which make it very easy to give it a try. Even if you are not planing to book something right now and you are only taking a look, the search will always show you very good deals by default and this could encourage you to book just in case is gone soon.

By making profiles compulsory Airbnb can also make the booking process completely painless, no address or phone number or personal details are required, the user simply enters their payment information and they are done. It’s a one step process.

A little detail that I personally find really good is the fact that it uses images when you are loading a page instead of the usual icon, which makes you being entertain when the page is loading.

What I would like to talk about as well is the new feature that Airbnb has introduced recently: the experiences.

I think that was a brilliant move.

A few years ago when I wanted to travel really cheap but you also wanted to have the closest experience of leaving in a place like a local I would use CouchSurfing. This way you could stay with someone who knows a few secrets about the city and hopefully he/she will show you around, and who knows! maybe you even make a new friend for life.

Airbnb is trying to give you the same experience that you would have with CouchSurfing but you can choose exactly what to do and of course you have to pay for it. Any member of the Airbnb community can host an experience and that’s what it makes them unik. there won’t be 2 that are exactly the same and since they are organised by locals it will be quite close to what a local would do.

The experiences are displayed in the home page and are classified by topic, so if you want a music experience you can go to the music section and you will probably find exactly what you are looking for.

In the following images you can see the standars to host an experience.




It is also important to notice how Airbnb uses very high quality images not only in the experiences but also in the majority of private houses.Their design and layout reflects the importance that Airbnb places on images. They even offer free professional photography to all of its hosts to keep a consistent high level of imagery throughout the site.These images meet the needs of their target audience perfectly. People who love to travel are easily inspired by beautiful pictures of potential destinations.

Airbnb have also invested in creating Airbnb neighbourhoods which is a digital neighbourhood guide which promises high quality content coupled with advice from hosts.




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