The curious SEO and Google Analytics

Load speed

This is one of the most important things that you need to keep in mind.If your website is loading too slow google will penalize it. Google’s job is to give you the best result for each search and nobody likes a slow web page.

I tested my website in Google speed insights:


In this two images, you can see how my page really need some improvements. The images are too big and they are slowing down the page a lot. I will make this images smaller with photoshop to avoid this problem. I will also add media queries so the images used in mobile devices are smaller This is very convenient because, as you will see in the following sections, my analytics show that 80% of the visitors of my page do it from a mobile device.

Because google is actually only analyzing your code to check the load speed I used GTmetrix to have an Idea of what is the loading speed for real life users.


As you can see it is a different result but still not the ideal. This page is showing the same errors as in the one before so I will proceed as I explained earlier.


I found some keywords using Google suggest:keywords

This is an easy and effortless way to find some keywords. It is also effective since google shows the most common searches and using the same keywords will make your page being reach by more people.

Another way to find keywords is using Uber Suggest


Another important thing to keep in mind is your competitors. What keywords are they using? are they being successful? If so we should use some of those keywords as well.

With Semrush you can add a competitor’s website and see what keywords are they using already. I decided to take a look at Lovin Dublin website since they could be one of my strongest competitors.


Here you can see the general data from the page and get an idea of how they create traffic. The image below is a list of the top keywords of the page.



Meta tags

I added two meta tags in the head of my webpage:


I focused on keywords like “cheap” or ”free” because is a very common search for someone before traveling to a city. At least that’s the first thing I google and I am sure more people do it as well, especially young travelers. It is also common that people look for “beautiful” places or “best” places in a city.There is also synonymous of my keywords in the content.

I gave all my images an appropriate name including keywords as well:


I also try to add some keywords in my h1 tags:


I tested my meta description, URL and title tag in  Seamofo to see how my search result would look like, especially what words will be bold and what is the general appearance of it.


As you can see I’m the image above you can choose between a wide range of options depending on what kind of web page you have. I’ve chosen not to display a date or a snippet because my page won’t have ratings or blog posts.
In the image below you can see how the search would look like adding all the sponsored links and the organic search results.



I will use Adwords when the page is ready. The following image is a preview of how the ad would look like:

google add.JPG

Email marketing campaign

The web page will also have an option to sign up to my newsletter. I will be sending emails to the people who sign up for it. this emails will be created with Mailchimp.


I created an email that will be sent to all those who sign up for the newsletter.

Google analytics

Thanks to Google Analytics I can gather a lot of data that is really useful for the development of the page.I can see who exactly are my users and what is their behaviors on the page. for example, I can see which sections of the page they don’t look at or in which par they spend more time. This will help me create better content, adapted to their preferences.

Another really important thing that I can find out is what kind of devices my users have. for example, if my page is mostly viewed on a desktop I will create content that is adapted for a bigger screen but still always responsive. In this case, the majority of my users are viewing the page from a mobile device and that means my page has to be completely responsive and with content adapted to the smallest screens. If this wouldn’t be the case the users would leave the page to find another one that can offer a better experience.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The future of CURIOUS

Once the App has an impact in Dublin it will be time to move on and promote the same concept in different cities:



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