CURIOUS: Marketing


I designed postcards with photos of the hidden places, the logo and social media links.

Since those will be given away for free and they depicture places in Dublin it is very likely that they will be actually posted, and since they have the logo and a little explanation in the back it will be a very easy way for people to get to know my app.



Nowadays you can see stickers everywhere, sometimes you don’t know what they are for, they are simply nice, and some other times it is very clear what product they want to promote. anyway, people love this kind of things, and if they like them enough they might even put them in visual places like their computers or folders. They could also stick them in random places, but in any case, it would be a good way of people to wonder “what is Curious?” and check it out.



Part of this campaign would be to create banners that would be placed in specific places around the city. Ideally, the best locations would be tourist places or big streets like Henry St. because the people who are in those places are more likely to be interested in the app. They would be mostly tourists who might want to discover new spots in Dublin.

To create this banner I will follow the guidelines of Dublin City Council


I designed an interactive billboard to promote the app in the streets. My inspiration was the Burt’s Bees Ad.

To promote their Intense Hydration range, Burt’s Bees used their own consumers to reveal a before and after demonstration with an interactive billboard in Minneapolis, created with the company’s go-to ad agency, Baldwin&.

This clever use of design and construction meant that the before image literally “flaked” away as viewers peeled off the skin of coupons attached to the board, redeemable at local stockists. Eventually, all the coupons were removed and all that was left was a shiny, flat surface and a happy, smiling ‘hydrated’ after image.

We see advertisements in the street every day so I believe creating something interactive will stand out and will be easier to remember for the users.

The base is a photo of a secret spot in Dublin that will include a little logo and a slogan. This photo will be covered by black post-its that combined will show the logo in big size.In the back of this post it’s you will find the web page and the social media for the app. In a future version, you could also find a discount code (for future features)The idea is that the people walking around take a post it (out of curiosity) and little by little reveal the image behind it.


I made a video to introduce the app. in the video you can see a few images of Dublin moving towards you quite fast. the idea behind it is that you can’t see them properly, just get a general idea. following this images you can read CURIOUS? and see the social media links

The idea is to make people curious about it( as usual!)


The web page will also have an option to sign up to my newsletter. I will be sending emails to the people who sign up for it. this emails will be created with Mailchimp.
I created an email that will be sent to all those who sign up for the newsletter.



I attended to related events to network with people and to find secret spots in Dublin myself.

Graffiti Photowalk

A tour with a graffiti artist that will show you some graffitis around the city and tell the story behind them. Definitely, the kind of thing that I could include in my app. This tour was full of photographers as well as instagramers (since it was organized by “instagramers Dublin”) so it was a great opportunity to meet people and ask them if I could use their pictures to feature in my Curious Dublin Instagram account.Of course, they were happy about it and I got to share really nice pictures of the graffitis in Dublin.


Gallery night

Again another event from Instagramers Dublin. In this event I meet some of the featured Instagrammers in Dublin. The quality of their photos was impressive and they were happy to share them with me.

After attending these events I realised that they are really important for new companies or for the launch of new products. Once the app is ready I will partner up with a couple of other companies (Jameson, Instagram Dublin…) and prepare a launching event. this way people will get to know the app in a nice, fun way.

Another kind of events that will help spread the word are the tours. I will organise “the CURIOUS tour”. this will be a tour around Dublin to show some of the secret spots that you can find in the app.


Tower Records

A year ago my sister bought a “Scorpions” vinyl.  It was her favourite group and she was very happy. There was only one problem; she didn’t have a vinyl player, so of course it looked great in her room but it was only decoration.  This was a bit sad so my parents and I got her a vinyl player for Christmas. She was the happiest person in the world again. A few months later I asked her if she was enjoying the present and she said Yes, but I´m getting a bit tired of the Scorpions vinyl. After all this time she still only had that one vinyl. So of course I thought that was really sad and I decided to get her some more for Christmas. Over the next months I went in every vinyl shop I saw and try to get the best deals. I also checked online and found a few more shops.

That’s why I was so surprise when Mary, our Design teacher, asked us to go to Tower Records to do some questionnaires.

How didn’t I know this shop before? It is certainly a good shop. The variety of  the product is impressive and the way the shop is design, with little rooms and different spaces, makes your visit a good experience.


We arrived at the shop around 6pm for our surveys. This shop is located just behind Trinity College so we assume that lots of their customers during the day are students. At 6pm though, the custumers were between 45 and 60 years old so our answers are mostly for this range of ages.

To the question “where do you buy records online?” the people who did buy online answered “Amazon”

We also asked the customers if they knew about the shop´s page and the general answer was ”no”. So this brings us the question : Would they use the shop´s page if they knew about it? Or would this page be their first option over Amazon (since they already know the physical shop and that makes them feel secure) if they knew about it?


One of the biggest problems on the website was the lack of information.  It made it almost impossible to buy the products since the images and descriptions where missing. This makes the page unreliable and the user doesn’t feel secure using it. It also gives a bad image to the company.

The way the information is displayed is also an issue because it isn’t clear. The user will give up before investing time and effort trying to figure it out.

We Brainstorm what issues needed to be fixed:


After a brainstorm we decided to divide the problems in four categories: General problems (the ones affecting the majority of the page)Layout problems, product related problems and features that we consider are missing.


The following images show some of the issues on the page:



The first step to solve all this problems is to ask ourselves who are our users. What are they feelings and worries? What drives them?

For this we created 3 personas taking into account what we learn by doing the surveys plus the information we have about the shop (location, products they sell, opening hours, etc.) and our own assumptions.

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After understanding what kind of users do we have and being aware who will be our target audience we can state the problem:

“The Tower Records webpage was designed to sell products online and promote the shop. We have observed that the product isn’t meeting the goals since the webpage doesn’t have enough traffic. This is causing low revenue from the online sales and the lost of costumers by other shops .We will make the web page more appealing to the user as well as user friendly . Success will be based on the website traffic and feedback”



We came up with ideas that would help promote the page and the shop. we organised them depending on the risk they present and on how innovative they were:

prioritise the asumptionstower

From all this ideas we decided to prioritise the following:

Workshops: even though it is a big risk we believe that introducing them we will attract a new kind of costumer, one that likes crafts.This way we will diversify our users. The page will not only be used by music lovers but also by artist, and people who are looking for something new to do.And who doesn’t like a new vinyl bowl?

Live podcast: This is something none of our competitors have and we believe that it could attract new customers for both the page and the physical shop. Being a live event people that like music might visit the shop for the first time. In the other hand, an user that is looking for new music podcast could find our through a google search or some other channel and decide to visit the shop or buy something online.

Contests: we also decided to create contest so the users get involved. This could be a music posters contest or music contests among others. This will diversify the users of the page.

Concerts: Organizing live concerts or “the battle of the bands” will attract new customers in a fun way.



We sketched individually and then we shared our ideas with the group. We choose the features that we thought were more adequate for the page.



It will be a scroll down page. The first screen will have the logo in the center and a quick podcast player just under it. Up and down there will be 6 links that are the most important features of the page.The user can either click on this links or scroll down to find the sections they are looking for.

Looking for some inspirational sites?

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To warm up I will like to share some inspirational pages  I just found.




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