CURIOUS: The social media campaing


First of all, I decided to create an Instagram account for the curious app. I wrote a small introduction and I used the logo as my profile picture. As my first posts I used photos which I took myself around Dublin. In some of them, I wrote exactly what they were and a bit of information about them. In some others, I asked the users to guess where the place was. My intention with this is leading the user to engage with the project.

Eventually, I realized that I didn’t have enough good pictures and I was running out of places to show, so it was time to ask people to start sharing their pictures. I took a look to other Instagram profiles in Dublin that are already doing this( igersdublin, lovindublin, visitdublin among others)

I wrote a small text with the instructions that from now on I would include in all my photos:

“For the chance to be featured use

@curious_dublin and #thecuriousapp”

Since I didn’t have a lot of followers yet and usually people focus more on the photo than on the text this didn’t work out so well. Since I still needed the users to share their photos I decided to look for the kind of photo I would like to have on my page and write a private message to the owner to ask for permission to feature it. The response to this was impressive. 90% of the users I asked said yes happily, which allowed me to share amazing photos from really good photographers who are also getting more attention their work in exchange.


I also decided to write in plural so it looks like a company or a group of people, more than a sole individual. I believe this will make people feel more confident about sharing their pictures with me.

To repost the images of other users I used a complementary app, Buffer. With this app, I can not only repost the pictures but also schedule the posts. This allows me to post even at times where I don’t have access to my phone. Buffer also have a great web page and blog with really good tips for social media campaigns.

I changed the Instagram account to a business account and this allowed me to see the stats and that way control the traffic on the page.

Thanks to this stats I can fins out when is the best time to post to reach more followers, where are my followers from, if they are male or female, etc.

Here you can see that on Thursday the best time to post is between 3 and 9 pm so I will keep this in mind. Also, the majority of my users are between 18 and 34 years old. This is only half reliable because being an Instagram account most of Instagram users are between this ages.

The use of appropriate hashtag was also key in the gaining followers process. I tried to use hashtags that were relevant. First of all, I used the one specifically created for the app #thecuriousapp and #curiousdublin. I also tried to use some that would attract travelers like #freedublin, #visitdublin #visitireland #secretdublin or #cheapdublin. I also used the most popular ones to reach random users that might find it interesting but wouldn’t find it otherwise.An example would be #picoftheday. Finally, I used some related to the image itself like #graffiti, #art, #architecture, etc.



I created a facebook page and I linked it to the Instagram account so all the photos get posted on the page. In addition to this, I also posted announcements and other kinds of information related to the app.

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By taking a look at the insight I can decide when s more convenient to post or what kind of post are more popular.For example, I can see that the graffiti pictures are more popular that the architecture ones. A good strategy would be to post a popular picture on a no popular day, so the number of visitors increases in weak periods.




I decided to create a Pinterest board because the imagery is very important in my app and Pinterest is all about images. I decided to only upload the images with the logo and the social media links so everybody who sees it realizes that there is a place where they can see more and they decide to take a look.









UX/UI: The Toothbrush Situation

I live in a house with 5 people, often foreigners who come to Ireland for short periods like 3 months or half a year. this is usually very nice since we get to know people from all over the world and some of them even became friends for life. Of course there are little details that are not great about people moving in and out. One of those things is that when people move out they always leave something behind and, while I have very nice second hand clothes as a result, there is always one thing they leave and nobody will ever use again: the toothbrush.why would they? it’s been used for a few months and there is always the thought “I will leave it until tomorrow so I can brush my teeth before I go” they never do.

So that was happening at my place.At some point there was 10 toothbrushes of all colors and shapes in our two little customize jars in the bathroom. You are probably thinking “well, why didn’t you throw it away yourself?” Not that easy. I don’t usually see people brush their teeth and I won’t take the risk of throwing a random toothbrush away leaving someone sad and with dirty teeth for the day. You are probably thinking”well, why don’t you just ask?” not that easy. Communication between 5 people is complicated, we all have different schedules and we are never all together. Asking about toothbrushes in a whatsapp group doesn’t work, nobody thinks it is important enough to answer!


One day I was bored, browsing through “Wish”( an app that makes you feel you need the things they have just because they are extremely cheap) when I saw it: The Solution. It was just perfect. a toothbrush holder for 5 people. The way it is design makes a lot of sense. there is 5 holes and a “lid” on top of them. this solves a few problems at once. first of all I just had to leave it in the bathroom and the toothbrushes that were currently being used will eventually hang in there (since is was so much cooler). Also using it will avoid all kind of contact between the toothbrushes, which is more hygienic, plus the lid will prevent anything that could be in the air to touch the toothbrush.Another good thing about it is that you can hang it anywhere, saving the space in the sink for other utilities.

So, after two months waiting for it to arrive… our little problem was solved!