Project management apps


Asana is one of the most popular task management apps available today. It was first created by former Facebook execs Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein in 2008 to manage the company’s internal coordination. It was then publicly released in 2011 and has become very popular since then.

Asana is completely project based. Teams are organized around projects and projects are essentially a list of tasks. Each task can then have sub-tasks of its own should you want to create nesting of tasks.

Asana is, in conclusion, very simple: you can freely add multiple tags to each item, a single item can have relations to multiple projects and tags and It’s free for smaller companies. All this makes the tool really attractive.

There is something that is not very convenient in Asana and that is the fact that you can only assign a story/task to one member and that might make teamwork more difficult.



You could say that Trello is the digital version of a sticky note board.

This visual approach  allows you to view the current state of tasks quickly and it is surely a great way to look at progress. Team members can collaborate on the various cards on each board, tag each other, comment on tasks and add images and descriptions.

In my personal experience with trello I found really useful to be able to have different sections depending on the stage of the project.This way I could move the tasks around depending on the project state



In each card there is several options to record all the details of the project. In the image below you can see a checklist, something that I personally find really useful when working on a project. It allows you to divide into little sections a big project and mark the tasks that have already been done.

You call also add images or links, which helps clarify some ideas and makes easier the visual communication of the project between the team members.



If you have trouble deciding what to use, or you already use both of them you can use unito and connect your Trello and Asana teams. Problem solved!